Monopoly Big Event

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Calling all Monopoly fans! You can now enjoy your favourite board game in an entirely new way as Monopoly Big Event slot game is available to play online. No, this is not your grandpa’s Monopoly game, not by any stretch of the imagination. Monopoly Big Event is bigger, better and much more lucrative and it’s a slot game that’s turned the slots industry on end!

Just Like Regular Monopoly Only Better!
From the moment you load the Barcrest Monopoly Big Event on your screen, you’ll be amazed at the colourful graphics on this 5 reel 20 payline slots game. You also will likely be taken back in time to when you played the Monopoly board game with family and friends as the online game has the same look and feel, only in a more modern and lucrative way. In Monopoly Big Event, you won’t be playing for fake money. Instead you will be trying your best to win loads of money on this game that’s already made several players rich.

monopoly big event

It’s no secret that the original game-maker Hasbro has enjoyed huge success (and still is for that matter) with it’s very popular Monopoly board game. For decades, families the world over would gather around a table for a rousing game of Monopoly. Monopoly Big Event still features the original game pieces like the dog, hat, shoe, boat, etc. And yes, you can still end up behind bars as “Go to Jail” is included. However, ‘go to jail’ ends the bonus round while the familiar “Pass Go” gives you the chance to get rich in a bonus round.
Non-Stop Interactive Monopoly Fun

When playing standard Monopoly, everybody is cheering for those big rolls and great prizes. When you play Monopoly Big Event, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you spin the reels while viewing the iconic Monopoly game pieces used as symbols on this online slots game. The Big Event is a randomly-triggered bonus that every player dreams of hitting. When the Big Event triggers, you will see which of the bonuses you are about to play: Mr Monopoly’s Prize, Chance, Community Chest, Railroad Riches, Once Around or Free Parking. Then just sit back, cross your fingers and watch your winnings add up as you’re not going to end your Big Event bonus round without earning some serious dough.

monopoly big event paytable

Monopoly Big Event Bonus Rounds and Extras
Monopoly Big Event has some very cool features designed to enthrall and excite you including a free spins game, extra wilds, multipliers and stacked wilds. You simply can’t miss the wild symbols as they have “wild” written right on them. Wilds replace all other symbols except the “In Jail” symbol and the Monopoly Big Event logo symbol.

monopoly beg event win symbols

The fun really gets going and takes you to a whole new level of excitement when you get into the Big Bet game. Here, you’re given two options if you choose to play the game. In option 1, you can play 5 spins at £20. If you go with this option, you’ll get a progressively increasing multiplier on each spin up to 5x. In option two, you can play 5 spins at a higher rate of £30. You’ll get a wheel to spin that will land on one of three different game option that you will play next. You may get five free spins with each having a 5x multiplier or you can get the “Persisting Wild’s” which is even better because when this happens, you’re inevitably going to win and in a big big way!

monopoly big event wilds

Fast-Paced Excitement at Every Spin
Monopoly Big Event is not for the meek or shy as this online slots game offers up some serious excitement and fast-paced fun. Be ready to discover that time has flow by when playing this slots game as the chances are good you will unwittingly spend hours spinning the five reels. Without any doubt, Monopoly Big Event has turned the slots industry on it’s head and has changed how people perceive the game of Monopoly, No, this Monopoly game never becomes monotonous like the board game can. Quite the contrary in fact as Monopoly Big Event is exhilarating, extremely fun and a slots game that offers unparalleled excitement at every spin.